About Angels And Dragonflies Children's Charity, Inc.

We are always collecting diaper bags, backpacks, toiletries and baby items for kids in foster care.
We are on a mission to have every child in foster care have their own bags for their clothing, a book, stuffed animal and toiletries for them.

Our Mission is to help families provide for children.

If you are a family that has taken over the role of a parent due to an uncontrollable circumstance, we are here to help you. We assist in the needs of children whether it is linens, a bed or bedding, diapers, bottles, strollers, blankets, car seats, backpacks with toiletries, or guidance to get other assistance or support groups.

We started out wanting to assist families in raising kids due to addiction, but then we wanted to help all children have the things they need. No matter what the circumstances if you need help or know of someone who does we want to help.

The reason we started this mission…. we have been watching the opioid crises seeing first hand or on the news and within our community and losing people in our lives due to addiction. A dear friend lost his daughter due to this disease and she left a daughter behind to be raised by their family because the baby’s father was an addict as well.

For this reason, we started on our mission to help but then we decided there is a need no matter what the circumstance is a child has needs, they deserve the have a bed and a pillow and blanket to call their own. For this reason, a family deserves to be helped when they did not expect to be raising a child.

For this reason, we need help with funds, goods, and volunteers.

Our Location

We now have a permanent location. You can find us at: 160 N Courtland St, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

We are located in the back of the Bethel house on the First Baptist Church of East Stroudsburg campus. Please us the back entrance on Harris St.

Mail should continue to be sent to: PO Box 327 Swiftwater, PA 18370


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Spend time with our children. Teach them.

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